Imagine having a smart, fierce, and compassionate advocate by your side as you age, fighting for you every step of the way. That’s the role of our highly-experienced Patient Care Coordinators. We provide quality medical care management to help your elderly parent. When looking for the best Patient Care Coordinator in South Florida for your eldery parent, check out Advocare, a premiere geriatric care management company.

We Hire Only the Best Patient Care Coordinators in South Florida

There are patient care coordinators, and there are our Patient Care Coordinators- the caring, competent, and compassionate group here at Advocare. They’re in a class by themselves. Here’s what makes them so unique. They are Registered Nurses with many years of experience handling issues and challenges with our senior clients. And they do it extremely well!

What Does A Patient Care Coordinator Do?

Patient Care Coordinators are liaisons between patients and their families and the healthcare system and they ensure that our elder patients get the care they need. The three main steps for a patient care coordinator include:

  • Assess – The first step is to conduct a comprehensive in-person care management assessment. This will help the patient care coordinator learn and fully understand the patients’ needs.
  • Advise – The next step is to create a customized care plan. Each patient is unique and it’s important for the patient care coordinator to create a plan that is best suited for each patient.
  • Advocate – This is when the patient care coordinator will arrange for any needed services. South Florida has many services available and the patient care coordinator will help your elderly parent find the best services for them.

These three steps will help your elderly parent find exaclty the care they need. That large umbrella encompasses many responsibilities, including, but not limited to the following:

  • Assessing and screening patients
  • Creating a customized care plan for each patient
  • Explaining medical processes and procedures
  • Managing medications to minimize medication side-effects, interactions, and over-use
  • Arrange for needed services

Based on the specific needs of the client and family, Advocare matches each client with a Patient Care Coordinator who advocates on that patient’s behalf. In addition to the above responsibilities, they also regularly visit patients, making sure everything is on par.

You can think of our patient care coordinators as an advocate and quarterback for your loved one. This helps ensure efficient communication with doctors, manage medications and side effects, and help with overall care. Each client is unique and provides different needs. This is the role of the patient care coordinator – to provide each client with the best help available for them.

They also make sure patients get out for medical appointments, shopping trips, lunch dates, and more. It’s perfect for family members who don’t live in the same geographical area and can’t visit on a regular basis. Our Patient Care Coordinators are your eyes, ears, and more! When looking for the best Patient Care Coordinator in South Florida, call the aging life care professionals at Advocare at (561) 266-3489.