The COVID-19 virus has made this world a scary place to live in, and even more so for the senior population who seem the most vulnerable to catching the virus. Just imagine living alone and so vulnerable that you don’t even know when or if you can go out to get your next meal. This is sadly what some of our senior population are facing today. If your loved one is living alone but can’t get out of the house for fear of contracting the illness, then Advocare can help. We are making sure that our highly-trained aging life caregivers are taking the safest measures possible beginning with a social distancing from others, disinfecting all household surfaces and all of the highest recommended CDC precautions so that your loved one remains safe from any harm. At Advocare, the #1 aging life care specialist in South Florida, we want your loved one to be able to live life in the security of their home in their golden years. COVID-19 has made that challenging, but we are here to make sure that your loved ones are safe, happy, and stay healthy. We can also advise you on long term care options, what doctors to choose, and even transfer your loved one to an assisted living or nursing home facility if and when the time comes. 

Is In-home Care the Right Move for My Elderly Parent?

Statistics show that most seniors if given a choice, would prefer to live out their golden years in their own home. Advocare is the #1 aging life care specialist in South Florida to assist you in finding quality in-home care for your loved one. We are taking every precaution to make sure that our caregivers keep your loved ones safe while they shelter at home. Your in-home caregiver can help with grocery shopping, meal preparation, light housekeeping, or transport to pick up prescriptions and essential doctor’s visits. Our aging life care staff in South Florida is also trained to best provide loving and compassionate care for patients with varying degrees of Alzheimer’s which may include assessing your home for wandering dangers and improved meal planning to encourage more nutritious habits. 

Choose from hourly, part-time or round-the-clock services

At Advocare, it is our experience that loneliness leads to depression and that is why we have created programs that can aid your elderly loved one just for a few hours each day or round -the –clock, 24-hour  assistance. Tailored to fit an individual’s needs, the goal of all of our programs is to make sure that your loved one is happy and healthy in his or her home environment. Studies have shown that daily interaction and companionship for seniors helps improve their quality of life. 

You can rest assured that the caring dedicated team at Advocare can recommend the best caregiver for every home health care situation. We monitor your loved one’s progress regularly for you every step of the way and serve as your emergency contact if you happen to live abroad or are out of town frequently under normal circumstances. If you are looking for an exceptional, highly-rated aging life care specialist in South Florida, look no further than Advocare. Call us today at (561) 266-3489 for a free, 30-minute phone consultation. Even in these trying times, Advocare is committed to helping all of our clients live out their best lives in the comfort of their own homes!