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Do you have an aging parent who seems to be struggling with their medications? Are you concerned about drugs older adults should avoid? Medication Management is an vital aspect of what we provide at Advocare. Medication side effects can cause significant problems for those of advanced age, and having a Nurse Advocate to coordinate with doctors and monitor medications leads to peace of mind and better quality of life. The following article provides insight into some of the drugs older adults should avoid that raise red flags. Always discuss your medications fully with your doctor so that you have complete understanding of what it is for and what it will do for you, and seek the counsel of a professional Care Manager when things get complicated.

The Top Drugs Older Adults Should Avoid

You fill a prescription, a medication you’ve relied on before. A few days later, you experience a troubling side effect. You read online that no one your age should take this medication.

What happened?

Drug Side Effects and Older Adults

Two pharmacists say the aging process is to blame, and they reveal here the names of medications on their “black list” that older adults may want to avoid.

“Prescribing medications for people 65 and older can be more challenging, because some drugs can be more toxic or cause more side effects than when you were younger,” says Kirby Lee, a pharmacist and associate professor of clinical pharmacy at the University of California at San Francisco. “As your body ages, it absorbs medications differently. They can be metabolized differently by your liver and excreted differently by your kidneys, so you may be more sensitive to some medications.”

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