Woman caring for older man

Senior Care in South Florida: Know Your Options

Though growing older is a gift and a beautiful journey, it can be hard to confront the idea that we or someone we love may one day no longer be able to care for themselves or maintain the same level …
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caregiver having tea with an elderly patient

What is an Elder Care Service in South Florida?

Is your parent or loved one unable to do basic things like grocery shopping or getting to doctor’s appointments on their own? Has hygiene become more and more difficult to manage on a daily basis? Then don’t despair, there is …
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How Do I Find Senior Care Services in Miami?

If your parent or loved one is getting older, it’s only natural that they may need additional help from time to time. If you’re unable to provide the help and care they need on a daily basis due to long …
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Advocare Wishes all Nurses a Happy Nurses Week!

For 18 years, we have been witnesses to the amazing work that nurses at Advocare perform, as well as nurses throughout South Florida and the entire United States. Many times, their work and dedication go unnoticed. However, we know different; …
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Elder Care Program

Advocare Provides In-Home Patient Care

Trying to balance work, life, and family life aren’t easy on a day-to-day basis. Taking care of an ailing, elderly parent or loved one is even more of a challenge. You may feel like you have no other choice but to bear this burden alone. After all, they …
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100th birthday balloons

Tips for Managing the Stress of Senior Care

Putting one’s parents in assisted living or in a nursing home can seem like the most challenging thing in the world. Yet, it’s part of the aging cycle. Children of aging parents may experience resentment from parents who have a …
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Types of Senior Care Services in Miami 

Having aging parents isn’t always easy, as it’s your responsibility to place them as you get older. However, as parents care for you when you are younger, the favor is returned in the later years. While all parents are different, …
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Assisted living facility

Quality Elder Care in Miami Florida

Advocare was established with the sole purpose of advising families and caring for family members who require individualized and thoughtful attention. Over the years, we have come to understand that while many families are devoted to their relative’s continuous care, …
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caregiver putting hand over seniors hand

Excellent Elder Services in Miami Florida

Offering Compassionate and Excellent Elder Services in Miami  Family is one of the treasures we’re lucky to be awarded with. It is meant to be valued and cared for with the love and understanding it calls for. At times, family …
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Elder Care Program

Great Elder Services in South Florida at Advocare

At Advocare, our top priority is the satisfaction and well-being of our clients. We provide elder care services in South Florida that improve their lives and the lives of their families. Through our collaborative approach, we’re able to correctly assess …
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Doctor and caregiver going over results with patient

Care Coordinators for Seniors in South Florida

Advocare equips families to make the best selection for the care team their relative or loved one requires. We have a collective approach to care, that guarantees optimal results in the journey of the patient with us. Our main priority …
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Geriatric Care in South Florida

At Advocare, our vision is simple. Providing optimal care to seniors to improve their overall quality of life. That, in fact, is the basis and the vision with which Advocare was first created. Our Care Managers take the utmost pride …
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personal care advocacy

Personal Care Advocacy

This October,  we were able to spend time Educating Seniors and their families on the benefits of Personal Care Advocacy and Management at the Harbor’s Edge Lifespace Community in Delray Beach Florida. If you or your loved one has any …
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Jen Pendant

Patient Care Coordinator in South Florida

A few minutes. That is how long the normal encounter lasts between a patient and their provider during a visit. Per the American Academy of Family Physicians, nearly one half of a doctor’s average workday is spent outside of the …
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Elder Care Program

Compassionate Elder Care Services in South Florida

When it comes to taking care of an elderly relative that needs support due to mental or physical waning, the situation can sometimes become extremely taxing. The good news is that when you hire Elder Care services in South Florida, you …
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positive aging

Why Hire a Geriatric Care Manager

When it comes to aging parents, making decisions about what to do, how and when, isn’t easy. We’re used to our parents making their own decisions. It’s hard to intervene when you aren’t sure whether it’s really necessary. Families often …
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Older person putting pills in hand

Seniors and the Opioid Crisis

Opioid misuse has ravaged many parts of the United States, and Americans of all ages have been affected by this growing epidemic. When covering the opioid crisis, much of the media focuses its attention on substance misuse among young people, …
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man shaving his beard

Healthy Aging Month 2018: Self Care for Seniors

September is Healthy Aging Month, a time in which we’re reminded of the inevitability of getting older. As we age, we notice changes happen in our bodies: our joints become stiffer, bones lose their density, and our skin becomes frail …
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Senior Care Services South Florida

Appreciating Nurses During National Nurses Week

It’s National Nurses Week, a time to celebrate nurses for all that they do. The origin of National Nurses Week dates back to 1953. It was initially held in October but changed to May to coincide with the birthday of …
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Celebrating 100th Birthday
Shirley’s Centennial

Happy 100th Birthday, Shirley!

Happy 100th Birthday, Shirley! Our lovely client, Shirley, turned 100 years old today-not that you’d ever know it by looking at her (or by trying to keep up with her)! Shirley is a regular at her community’s activities and can …
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Doctors looking over paperwork

Aging Life Care Specialist in South Florida  

When your parents start to age it’s common that they need more help than they did in their younger days. If you’re looking for help for your elderly parents, it’s time to speak with an aging life care specialist in …
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senior squinting

Can Text Messaging Help With Medication Adherence?

At times, the elderly can have a hard time keeping track of their medications since it is likely they may be taking several. Though this article is very interesting and promising with the use of text messaging as a reminder …
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together seniors

Dementia Care – I Heard That!

When families are providing dementia care, it can be really easy to talk for them or to talk about them without thought to their feelings. Even though they may be in a state of confusion, it is important that we …
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senior scams

Avoid These Common and Costly Senior Scams

Seniors, particularly those who may be living alone, are vulnerable to costly senior scams. The following article provides information on three scams that families and aging loved ones should be aware of so that they do not fall victim. Avoid …
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senior hands

Seasonal Affective Disorder (SAD) and Seniors

By Jill Poser, Director of Life Care Planning Seasonal Affective Disorder, otherwise known as SAD, is a form of depression that affects a person during the same season each year. For example, if you get depressed each winter, you may …
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grandparents scam

Grandparent Scams – Learn How to Keep Seniors Safe

Grandparent Scams have been around for a few years, and do not receive the attention they once did, but it does still continue to happen. Don’t be caught of guard. This can happen to your parents! Talk about this particular …
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older adults drug avoid

Are There Drugs Older Adults Should Avoid?

Do you have an aging parent who seems to be struggling with their medications? Are you concerned about drugs older adults should avoid? Medication Management is an vital aspect of what we provide at Advocare. Medication side effects can cause …
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Senior Moment Alzheimers

A ‘Senior Moment’ or Alzheimer’s?

Are you wondering if a recent event was a senior moment or Alzheimer’s? Is it simple forgetfulness or dementia? Is this normal aging or something more serious? Alzheimer’s is one of the most greatly feared diseases, and despite intensive ongoing …
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glaucoma advocare

January is Glaucoma Awareness Month

The largest generation is now becoming the oldest generation, making it more important than ever that our elderly are getting regular eye exams to avoid what can be a preventable cause of blindness. Read on to learn more about Glaucoma …
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health advocate

Who Needs an Advocate?

By Jill Poser, Director of Life Care Planning I began working with seniors back in 2008 when I chose to become certified as an ‘Aging-in-Place’ Specialist. I knew this was what I wanted as soon as I read about this …
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elderly medication pills

The Dangers of Medication Mix-Ups at Home

Medication Management is an vital aspect of what we provide at Advocare. Medication mix-ups can cause significant problems for those of advanced age, at times landing them in the hospital or worse. Having a Nurse Advocate to coordinate with doctors …
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senior organize affairs

How to Organize Your Affairs

Advocare’s life care planning services empower seniors with a comprehensive, proactive plan to maintain maximum independence and health and deal with challenges of aging, disability, and chronic illness. The following article addresses many of the steps that we must take …
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Osteoperosis advocare

Osteoperosis is Not Just For Women

By Jill Poser, Director of Life Care Planning If you think you cannot get osteoporosis because you are a man, think again! Although women are at greater risk for the disease, men get osteoporosis too and as our population ages; …
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elderly finances

At What Age Are You Too Old to Manage Your Money

Are you at all concerned about how your aging parents are managing their finances? At what age are you too old to manage your money? Who should make that decision? We understand you have questions, we help provide you with …
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senior losing independence

Living Life on Your Terms

By Jill Poser One of the most significant issues seniors face is losing independence. All other challenges seem to pale in comparison. Whether due to financial hardship, failing health or anxiety from social isolation, the resulting problems without a doubt …
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colon cancer awareness

March is National Colon Cancer Awareness Month

Since colon cancer is the second leading cause of cancer-related deaths and the third most common cancer, it is important to discuss your risk factors with your doctor. March is National Colon Cancer Awareness month. Read on to learn more, …
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advocare helping hands

Ageism In Healthcare

Have you or an aging parent ever had a poor experience in the hospital or the doctors office due to age? It happens all too often that when the elderly are misunderstood, it must mean that they are incapacitated in …
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senior medication

How Many Pills Are Too Many?

The Nurse Advocates of Advocare work with clients everyday to oversee the management of their medication to ensure that they are not overprescribed medications, or are taking medications that interact with one another. To learn more about what we provide …
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advocare estate planning

The Biggest Estate Planning Mistakes People Make

Estate planning tends to make people nervous, but it is vital for you and your family to make sure everything is planned out should you or an aging loved one pass away or become incapacitated. If you have any concerns …
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parents dementia

Coping When Both Parents Have Dementia

The following article comes from AgingCare.com, and ultimately it addresses the fact that caregivers MUST take care of themselves even when circumstances seem most dire. It is important that you reach out for help. Advocare helps families and residents throughout …
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