parents dementia
The following article comes from, and ultimately it addresses the fact that caregivers MUST take care of themselves even when circumstances seem most dire. It is important that you reach out for help. Advocare helps families and residents throughout the South Florida area who desire oversight and coordination of services for aging loved ones who are no longer able to care for themselves independently. Thanks for visiting.

“My mom and dad both have dementia. I am all alone taking care of them since my sister passed away. I have no one to help me. I get sad and frustrated with them both. How do I deal with my feelings?”

These are powerful words from one forum participant. It is a cry that is all too familiar for many family caregivers and one which will touch the hearts of most readers. Many of us feel alone when we are trying to care for our aging parents and there are no siblings to help, or our siblings won’t help. When we have one parent who has this disease, it is hard. When we have two, it is often nearly unbearable.
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