What’s your plan as you notice changes in health and mobility of an aging loved one? If you don’t have one, you’re not alone.

Life can change in an instant, especially when it comes to health and wellness. Many are blindsided by an aging relative’s declining function and are unsure of where to turn first. Thankfully, the medical care management team at Advocare is here to act when you can’t be. Our care managers assess, advise and advocate for your loved one to ensure they’re in the best position going forward. Managing health and wellness is a large concern for most seniors and Advocare is here to offer professional and experienced guidance to your family.

Caregiver and elderly patient

What is a Care Manager?

Advocare are skilled nurses, social workers and other health and medical professionals who offer levels of care based on the needs of your family member. Decreased mobility and cognitive functioning can make even the most basic task a monumental challenge. When families are spread out, it can be difficult to provide the level of care your loved one needs. Our Advocare care managers work closely with our clients assisting in a number of situations including medical care, transportation, managing prescriptions, offering emotional support and arranging in-home services to handle day to day tasks and support just to name a few. At Advocare, we start with an assessment of your loved one’s situation.

Every person and family is unique, so our team develops a plan for care which meets all your individual needs.  From there, our job is to offer the best care and advocate for your loved one on your behalf when you can’t be there for any reason. We know that life gets busy, but with our assistance, your aging loved ones will always have someone to rely on for help.

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Care managers are wonderful resources for any family unsure of where to turn for help with an aging relative. What sets Advocare apart from other medical care management services is our experience.  Our team has helped countless seniors in their day to day lives while also planning for what lies ahead. We understand that it’s difficult to manage complex care, especially from a distance, when it comes to making challenging decisions involved with senior care, so it’s our job to help you navigate your loved one’s path. Through organization and skilled planning, we help families turn confusion and worry into confidence and peace of mind. Contact our team at Advocare today to begin the process of finding your loved one the help and care they need.

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