From Crisis to BreakthroughA Patient's Journey

Advocare’s Medical Care ManagementA thorough assessment documenting medical history

During the initial assessment, it was discovered that she was on over 25 medications prescribed by 5 different specialist doctors. Sally was unclear as to what medications were to be decreased or increased depending on her symptoms and what her plan to recover was. She was on several medications to control nausea; however some of those meds were worsening her symptoms.

Advocare’s Home Care Management “Matchmaking approach” to interview candidates

Over the next six months, Sally, who as previously unable to participate in any activity, was able to take short walks with her husband, eat a small meal at the table with friends and enjoy reading again. At this point, Sally informed us that she was feeling “90% better than when Advocare began working with her” – on most days.

Advocare’s Transition Care Management Understand assisted living options

At this point in time, however, their care needs had become more of a priority.  Advocare’s Transition Care Management team worked together with Sally, Michael and their children to create a realistic plan to move to an Assisted Living community.   The family stated that, due to the stress associated with moving, they wanted to do this “just once,” meaning they wanted a community where their parents could age in place for the rest of their lives.

Advocare’s Life Care PlanningReviewing and analyzing all assets, income and expenses

In reviewing assisted living options, several criteria were established, including proximity to friends and to her team of doctors that had made her life so much better.  After reviewing all of the facts with their Care Manager and family, Sally and Michael made a decision to move to a beautiful two bedroom apartment in an Assisted Living community in their community.

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