Life Care Planning Active Aging and Transition Management

Advocare’s Medical Care ManagementMedical interventions and rehabilitation

Because Ellis is a retired doctor, he decided that he could address all relevant medical concerns. The real concentration of need was in learning how to adjust to his new physicality, and the ancillary issues associated with it.

Advocare’s Home Care Management Home Safety Assessment

Advocare began by conducting a Home Safety Assessment report that examined all areas of Ellis’s home, and recommended modifications that would enable him to move through it freely and safely-either with his prosthetic or a wheelchair.

Advocare’s Transition Care Management Building Strength & Confidence

Strength training was a necessity, as Ellis would need more upper body and core strength to transfer himself from a seated position into a wheelchair. In addition, he would need help in learning how to ambulate while wearing a prosthetic.

Advocare’s Care Management ServicesHappy and Healthy Transition

Ellis has a long battle ahead. With no family in Florida, it is a relief to them to know that he won’t have to face it alone.

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