Medical Care ManagementDealing with Anxiety

Advocare’s Medical Care ManagementScheduled In-Home Caregiver Assistance

Rosalind” is a 90-year old woman with anxiety issues. She lives with her 100-year old husband, “Seymour”, in a condominium. Along with Rosalind, scheduled in-home caregivers assist Seymour, who has had many health issues in the past. They have a supportive daughter who lives on the west coast.

Advocare’s Home Care Management Attention to Changes in Behavior & Medical Monitoring

On the day she called Sarah, Rosalind found that she couldn’t stand up. Obviously concerned, Sarah rushed to Rosalind’s home, put her in a wheelchair, and immediately got her to her doctor’s office. The Nurse Practitioner, who had seen Rosalind before, told them that since every test had come back indicating nothing was wrong that the diagnosis was that Rosalind was imminent (medical speak for, “about to die”). But why?

Advocare’s Care Management Maintain Family Informed and Ease Anxiety

In the Emergency Room, labs tests were conducted and, again, disclosed nothing. The doctor ordered a CT scan of her chest, because it seemed that Rosalind was slightly short of breath upon arrival, even though she was asymptomatic of anything. Upon review of the scan, it showed that her lungs were completely opaque. Suspecting cancer, a lung specialist was called in.

Advocare’s Care Management TeamContinuous Care

During the biopsy, the specialist saw that Rosalind did not have cancer; she had an infection from a mild pneumonia contracted years ago. The bacteria had built up a one-inch barrier of pus that had to be surgically removed.

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