Am I Being Effective? A Care Manager’s Lament!

Am I Being Effective?” — A Care Manager’s Lament! 

Am I Being Effective?” — A Care Manager’s Lament!  By Linda Fodrini-Johnson  I heard the above question from one of my newer care managers, and then I saw a very seasoned care manager stressed over her client’s “non-compliance” – thus …
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Advocare - Using technology in aging life

How to Utilize Technology with Care Management Clients 

By Dianne Smith, RN, MA, CMC  This article will provide insights into assessing needs and using technology that can help our clients to remain independent longer. Technology can be integrated seamlessly into a care management practice by care managers who …
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Gifts that say I care - elderly care Advocare

Gifts That Say I Care

Debra Sorensen, MSW, CMC, Laurel Felsenfeld, BSN, RN, CRRN, CCM, Mark Felsenfeld, MA, CCCSLP, and Kay Paggi, LPC, CMC, NCGC Choosing a gift can be difficult, especially for persons with dementia or other disabilities. Families often ask us what would …
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advocare aging care

Pharmacology Issues among Geriatric Clients

The elderly make up 12.7% of the U.S. population, but consume 34% of all prescription medications. As patients age, they undergo biological changes that affect the way medications are absorbed, distributed throughout the body, and eventually eliminated. There are also …
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A woman putting her head on the shoulder of an elderly woman

9 Lifesaving Items Aging Parents Need

To keep your parents safe at home—and prevent falls and injuries—they need to have the right equipment on hand. Here are the essential items to help make your loved ones’ daily lives easier, less stressful, and more secure, plus what …
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advocare elderly feeling loss of power

Hospital Bed—Signals Loss of Power

“I feel like I’m losing all my power.” “Everyone is making decisions for me.” Partner of a 40+ year relationship communicates these feelings as she watches her partner fail and the “professionals” move in. The hospice nurse tells her she …
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Generationally Savvy

Generationally Savvy Communication that Improves Your Bottom Line

Effective communication in today’s multi-generational business world requires careful navigation. This is especially true in a workforce now comprised of four distinct generations – Millennials (Gen Y), Generation Xers, Baby Boomers, and Traditionalists – all of whom bring their own …
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Advocare Seven Strategies for Positive Aging

Seven Strategies for Positive Aging

If you are living in your sixth decade or beyond, you have faced the reality that you are old and, as average life expectancy approaches the eighth decade, you will spend an appreciable portion of your life as a “Senior …
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Happy retirement spelled out on sand at the beach

Are You or Your Loved One Ready to Retire Psychologically?

Larry and Marilyn have been married 65-years and relocated to south Florida from the northeast 15-years ago to retire, enjoy the warm weather and what they perceived as an easier way of life. Prior to retirement, Larry built a successful business over many years and the …
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Medication organization

World Senior Citizen’s Day and Why You Should Care

Nowadays it seems as if there is a day for everything, everyone, and every food item. Some of these national or world celebrations are a little over the top, we will admit; however, World Senior Citizen’s Day holds a special …
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Senior Adult Using Laptop Notebook Concept

Are Health Insurance Choices Financially Impacting Your Aging Client?

It is no secret that getting older can bring on more health complications as our bodies age. Of course, not everyone will experience more medical issues, but many will. Doctor visits may increase, more prescriptions may be required, medical costs rise; all of which can have impact on one’s retirement budget. We are moving …
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Woman signing paperwork with doctor

Are You Asking the Right Questions as A Trusted Adviser?

The internet is filled with endless information about a person with diminished capacity, dementia, Alzheimer’s disease, Parkinsonian dementia; the tell take signs, the do’s, and don’ts and so on. Books, booklets, pamphlets are dedicated to this disease. However, very little …
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caregiver having tea with an elderly patient

Caring for Elder Parents During the Holidays

With the holiday season quickly approaching, families across the United States are making plans and gearing up for travel and celebrations. While many will enjoy the company of friends and family during the holidays, being together is not possible for …
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man shaving his beard

How Can Family Members Deal with Elder Care in Miami?

When it comes to aging, it’s not an easy process. There are many complications and frustrations, as well as guilt, sadness, and fatigue. Often, the process can be more challenging for family members as they fight to figure out a …
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two ladies sitting together

What are the Options for Senior Care in Miami?

When our parents or grandparents get older, there’s no such thing as simple or easy. They may be angry that you’re making an executive decision to uproot them from their homes and move them into homes or professional care. Alternatively, …
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Woman with breast cancer ribbons and pink shirts

Breast Cancer Risks Among Elderly Women

October is Breast Cancer Awareness Month, dedicated to honoring those lost to this terrible disease while helping to save the lives of those affected today. Funding research, educating vulnerable populations, and providing support for those undergoing breast cancer treatment are …
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Mother and daughter having a conversation

Does My Parent Need Home Care?

As parents, the greatest joy one can experience is watching their child grow and develop into a well-rounded person. Our parents guide and mold our world view, providing protection and nurturing the person we become. Yet rarely do we consider the ways …
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Woman caring for older man

Senior Care in South Florida: Know Your Options

Though growing older is a gift and a beautiful journey, it can be hard to confront the idea that we or someone we love may one day no longer be able to care for themselves or maintain the same level …
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caregiver having tea with an elderly patient

What is an Elder Care Service in South Florida?

Is your parent or loved one unable to do basic things like grocery shopping or getting to doctor’s appointments on their own? Has hygiene become more and more difficult to manage on a daily basis? Then don’t despair, there is …
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lady sitting on a wheel chair dog sitting beside lady and a man standing before lady

How Do I Find Senior Care Services in Miami?

If your parent or loved one is getting older, it’s only natural that they may need additional help from time to time. If you’re unable to provide the help and care they need on a daily basis due to long …
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Woman in purple blouse with a pearl necklace

Advocare Wishes all Nurses a Happy Nurses Week!

For 18 years, we have been witnesses to the amazing work that nurses at Advocare perform, as well as nurses throughout South Florida and the entire United States. Many times, their work and dedication go unnoticed. However, we know different; …
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Senior citizen on a wheelchair and care giver

Advocare Provides In-Home Patient Care

Trying to balance work, life, and family life aren’t easy on a day-to-day basis. Taking care of an ailing, elderly parent or loved one is even more of a challenge. You may feel like you have no other choice but to bear this burden alone. After all, they …
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100th birthday balloons

Tips for Managing the Stress of Senior Care

Putting one’s parents in assisted living or in a nursing home can seem like the most challenging thing in the world. Yet, it’s part of the aging cycle. Children of aging parents may experience resentment from parents who have a …
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A woman and a man looking at a paper

Types of Senior Care Services in Miami 

Having aging parents isn’t always easy, as it’s your responsibility to place them as you get older. However, as parents care for you when you are younger, the favor is returned in the later years. While all parents are different, …
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a lady doctor helping her patient

Exceptional Aging Life Care Specialists in South Florida

Aging is a natural part of life. Just like anything else in life, it comes with its own set of changes and struggles. While some people view aging as something negative, it actually brings many added benefits, like increased knowledge …
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personal care advocacy

Personal Care Advocacy

This October,  we were able to spend time Educating Seniors and their families on the benefits of Personal Care Advocacy and Management at the Harbor’s Edge Lifespace Community in Delray Beach Florida. If you or your loved one has any …
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positive aging

Why Hire a Geriatric Care Manager

When it comes to aging parents, making decisions about what to do, how and when, isn’t easy. We’re used to our parents making their own decisions. It’s hard to intervene when you aren’t sure whether it’s really necessary. Families often …
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man shaving his beard

Healthy Aging Month 2018: Self Care for Seniors

September is Healthy Aging Month, a time in which we’re reminded of the inevitability of getting older. As we age, we notice changes happen in our bodies: our joints become stiffer, bones lose their density, and our skin becomes frail …
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Happy 100th Birthday, Shirley!

Happy 100th Birthday, Shirley!

Happy 100th Birthday, Shirley! Our lovely client, Shirley, turned 100 years old today-not that you’d ever know it by looking at her (or by trying to keep up with her)! Shirley is a regular at her community’s activities and can …
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Doctors looking over paperwork

Aging Life Care Specialist in South Florida  

When your parents start to age it’s common that they need more help than they did in their younger days. If you’re looking for help for your elderly parents, it’s time to speak with an aging life care specialist in …
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