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Are Too Many Medications Making Your Patient Sicker?

Polypharmacy and Adverse Drug Events in Older Adults The last sixty years have witnessed an extraordinary growth in the number of medications for chronic health conditions at the same time that the average life expectancy has increased by over 10 …
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Advocare - Key Players in Elder Care Scenes

Key Players in Elder Care Scenes

“You stole my food! I’m hungry!” “No. I didn’t, grandma!” Yes, you stole my food!” “No, grandma, I would never steal your food!” “Yes, you did!” This conversation escalated to screams and tears. The elder and the young 10-year-old boy …
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Younger woman and older woman taking a walk outside

What Happens if My Parents Say No?

If you have a conversation on a sensitive subject, be ready for a “no.” It happens a lot. You may be trying to have a conversation about staying in the family home or just asking parents to think about what …
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Visiting Aging Parents in Florida

Visiting Aging Parents

If you are like most of us, It’s been way too long since you have seen your parents. I trust you did your best with phone calls, emails, and zoom, but it’s just not the same as being there. There …
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