Depression in elderly people

Diagnosing Depression in the Older Adult

By Cathy Jo Cress, MSW  Associate Geriatric Care Manager  Santa Cruz, CA  Although late-life depression is rampant among the elderly population, it’s certainly not a normal part of aging. Rather it’s a serious but treatable illness that impacts those who …
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lady sitting together with old women

Caring for the Caregiver

Caring for the Caregiver In recent years, advances in public health and medical science have contributed to the graying of the population. More seniors are alive today than at any other time in history and those numbers are growing. But …
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caregiver having tea with an elderly patient

What Exactly is Care Management Anyway?

As a director of a geriatric care management company, I am often requested to provide an overview our services. Because the role and scope of a geriatric care manager can vary greatly depending on the needs of the specific client, …
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Medication organization

World Senior Citizen’s Day and Why You Should Care

Nowadays it seems as if there is a day for everything, everyone, and every food item. Some of these national or world celebrations are a little over the top, we will admit; however, World Senior Citizen’s Day holds a special …
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Woman signing paperwork with doctor

Are You Asking the Right Questions as A Trusted Adviser?

The internet is filled with endless information about a person with diminished capacity, dementia, Alzheimer’s disease, Parkinsonian dementia; the tell take signs, the do’s, and don’ts and so on. Books, booklets, pamphlets are dedicated to this disease. However, very little …
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young disabled man in wheelchair in front of stairs at home

With Detail and With Expertise

When caring for an aging parent, our initial instinct may be to go into parental mode; to swap roles, now wanting to act as the caregiver that our parents once were for us. We may plan our parent’s day, organizing …
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Two women helping an elderly woman into her wheelchair

Care Coordinating and System Navigation

Historically, when health care coordination was considered for seniors, a major factor in determining if it was necessary was the severity of the health issues a senior may be dealing with. The focus has been on care for patients with …
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caregiver having tea with an elderly patient

Caring for Elder Parents During the Holidays

With the holiday season quickly approaching, families across the United States are making plans and gearing up for travel and celebrations. While many will enjoy the company of friends and family during the holidays, being together is not possible for …
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man shaving his beard

How Can Family Members Deal with Elder Care in Miami?

When it comes to aging, it’s not an easy process. There are many complications and frustrations, as well as guilt, sadness, and fatigue. Often, the process can be more challenging for family members as they fight to figure out a …
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two ladies sitting together

What are the Options for Senior Care in Miami?

When our parents or grandparents get older, there’s no such thing as simple or easy. They may be angry that you’re making an executive decision to uproot them from their homes and move them into homes or professional care. Alternatively, …
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Woman with breast cancer ribbons and pink shirts

Breast Cancer Risks Among Elderly Women

October is Breast Cancer Awareness Month, dedicated to honoring those lost to this terrible disease while helping to save the lives of those affected today. Funding research, educating vulnerable populations, and providing support for those undergoing breast cancer treatment are …
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Mother and daughter having a conversation

Does My Parent Need Home Care?

As parents, the greatest joy one can experience is watching their child grow and develop into a well-rounded person. Our parents guide and mold our world view, providing protection and nurturing the person we become. Yet rarely do we consider the ways …
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caregiver having tea with an elderly patient

What is an Elder Care Service in South Florida?

Is your parent or loved one unable to do basic things like grocery shopping or getting to doctor’s appointments on their own? Has hygiene become more and more difficult to manage on a daily basis? Then don’t despair, there is …
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lady sitting on a wheel chair dog sitting beside lady and a man standing before lady

How Do I Find Senior Care Services in Miami?

If your parent or loved one is getting older, it’s only natural that they may need additional help from time to time. If you’re unable to provide the help and care they need on a daily basis due to long …
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Woman in purple blouse with a pearl necklace

Advocare Wishes all Nurses a Happy Nurses Week!

For 18 years, we have been witnesses to the amazing work that nurses at Advocare perform, as well as nurses throughout South Florida and the entire United States. Many times, their work and dedication go unnoticed. However, we know different; …
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Senior citizen on a wheelchair and care giver

Advocare Provides In-Home Patient Care

Trying to balance work, life, and family life aren’t easy on a day-to-day basis. Taking care of an ailing, elderly parent or loved one is even more of a challenge. You may feel like you have no other choice but to bear this burden alone. After all, they …
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100th birthday balloons

Tips for Managing the Stress of Senior Care

Putting one’s parents in assisted living or in a nursing home can seem like the most challenging thing in the world. Yet, it’s part of the aging cycle. Children of aging parents may experience resentment from parents who have a …
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Doctor and caregiver going over results with patient

Care Coordinators for Seniors in South Florida

Advocare equips families to make the best selection for the care team their relative or loved one requires. We have a collective approach to care, that guarantees optimal results in the journey of the patient with us. Our main priority …
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