Doctors going over results with patient
Doctors going over results with patient


Nurse Advocacy at Doctor Appointments

Your Local Medical Eyes and Ears

One of the most popular services offered by Advocare is accompaniment and advocacy at physician appointments. The Nurse Advocate can provide a succinct update to the doctor, including any observed changes in medical status or changes in medications from other physicians.

A doctor taking notes on an elderly patient

Care – Coordinated and Harmonized

Many times physicians in our care system one doctor is unaware of changes made by another – and because seniors are not always able to track all of their changes in medications, it goes un-communicated. With a Nurse Care Advocate on board, all medications and medical history is tracked in our Advocate Anywhere care management system. The Nurse Care Advocate accompanies to the appointment and succinctly communicates important status updates. The result: Care becomes coordinated among all of the practitioners and their efforts are harmonized.

Compliance and Follow UP

Sometimes a physician makes excellent recommendations, but a senior client cannot recall their suggestions and does not follow through. Your Care Advocate ensures that, after the appointment, there is good compliance and that physician recommendations are followed. Sometimes this means that we make sure that a prescription is picked up from the pharmacy and taken promptly. Sometimes this requires scheduling follow up tests or procedures. Sometimes it’s simply a phone follow up to our senior clients or their in-home caregivers to make sure that dietary instructions are being followed.

Your Quarterback for Care

Consider your Nurse Care Advocates to be your “Quarterback” for making sure that all the care providers – doctors, caregivers, therapists, pharmacies work in tandem. Without a quarterback, a team can have excellent individual players but lack effectiveness as a team. Your Nurse Care Advocate is the key to making the whole team much more effective than the sum of the parts.

Put a Care Advocate on your team today. It’s easy. Call our office today. We’ll discuss your needs, and send you all the information you need.