What if the fountain of youth wasn’t found in a bottle or pill, but on a treadmill? Researchers in the United Kingdom recently a reported a link to why people become frail as they age — it’s underused muscles disconnect from nerves in their legs.  The scientists say regular exercise can stop muscles and nerves from separating.  Their research is more proof that fitness is essential to senior care in South Florida. 

Let Advocare help you with senior care in South Florida 

Starting or keeping an exercise routine can boost your health and the outlook of life in your senior years. Being physically inactive is a risk factor for many chronic diseases, but and is particularly problematic in older adults. But many studies claim that physical exercises help longevity in your life.  Those are just some of the reasons why Advocare started an Active Aging Senior Fitness Program. 

The program provides a personalized fitness coach for seniors. It is designed to: 

  • Provide customized training to prevent loss of mobility and strength 
  • Promote physical agility and endurance 
  • Empower adults who encounter difficulties with everyday tasks 
  • Aid seniors at risk for falls 

It’s vital that seniors are encouraged to stay physically active. The ability to be physically self-sufficient maintains independence and promotes positive self-esteem. At Advocare, we believe that the more physically active our seniors are, the better their quality of life. They’re healthier and happier. We work hard to promote wellness among our clients. We know caring for an aging loved one is not easy. Don’t stress out anymore. Let us help you with senior care in South Florida. Advocare provides medical advocacy and management for home care, life care, and transition care. Call us today for a free, 30-minute consultation to find out how we can help you care for your aging loved ones.