A caregiver and a patient
A caregiver and a patient


What Happens During an Assessment?

Our first goal as Professional Care Managers is to get to know our client. We understand that we need to develop and earn your trust. During our first meeting, we conduct an assessment, which typically takes about ninety minutes. During the assessment your Professional Care Manager will:

  • Outline the medical history leading up to the current situation.
  • Document all medications – purpose, dosage, and frequency.
  • Review physicians and all medical professionals and their specific roles.
  • Assess physical and cognitive status.
  • Assess home safety and socialization status.
  • Paint a succinct picture of the current situation so that we can provide you with an action plan.

The learning, bonding, and trust building that takes place during the assessment process will allow us to most effectively serve as your advocate.

The Care Plan

Within a few days after the assessment, the family will receive a formal document, typically three to five pages, which summarizes our findings. More importantly, it will contain a list of our recommendations and our action plan to optimize care. This Care Plan is the “map” that starts us on the journey together — keeping our client as healthy and independent as possible.

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Ongoing Care Management

After conducting our assessment and developing a client-specific Care Plan, we get to work executing the care plan.

We begin right away to put the appropriate support services in place. Our Care Management Services may include any of what you see to the right.

An assessment provides a snapshot of health status, helping the professional Care Manager to create a plan to optimize care.

An elderly woman writing in her planner
  • Coordination and personal accompaniment to physician and medical appointments. Our Aging Life Care Experts are present as appropriate in the exam room and confer with the doctor.
  • When a client has several doctors, serve as liaison to ensure effective communication amongst multiple medical providers.
  • Recommendations for the best local physicians and providers for your specific situation.
  • Selection and monitoring of all medical and in-home care services.
  • Medication Management – including instruction to client and caregivers on proper administration.
  • Oversight for potential drug interactions and negative side affects while taking multiple medications.
  • Post-hospital discharge planning with home safety review.
  • Crisis intervention and support.
  • Recommendations and supervision of home safety repairs and modifications.
  • Consideration of alternative living options, such as assisted living or nursing homes.
  • Face to face care management visits with client in hospital, care facility, or at home, with ongoing phone and e-mail updates to family members.

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