Part of getting the most nurturing care for seniors in Miami is making sure that they are nourished and nurtured in mind and body. Healthy cooking and healthy food provide the ultimate senior care for our aging loved ones in Miami because it provides both enjoyment and health benefits of so many kinds. Simply put, good nutrition is one of the most vital ways to provide seniors with the nurturing they need. 

We know how challenging it can be to know where to turn for the best senior care for a loved one. Advocare can help bring you peace of mind in knowing that your senior family member or loved one is going to be ok. Even when you’re not there to nurture them. We take pride in knowing that we provide the safest, most professional, and compassionate senior care management services available in Miami.

With help from members of our home care management team, a nutritious and filling mealtime can truly enhance your loved one’s quality of life. As much as possible our senior care advocates like to include seniors in the meal planning and preparation process. Here at AdvoCare, we know that nutritious meals filled with fresh fruits and vegetables, provide pleasure and enjoyment. Because of this, we work closely with you and your loved ones to make sure their care management plan includes quality foods and carefully prepared meals. 

Nurturing In June With National Fresh Fruit and Vegetables Month

June is National Fresh Fruit And Vegetable Month and here at Advocare Senior Care in Miami, we know that proper nourishment is one of the many ways to keep our seniors healthy and happy. Favorite recipes and creative food preparation can provide comfort, sparking happy memories, and bringing people together. 

Fresh fruits and vegetables are vital to the health and well being of the elderly and at Advocare, we take important medical diet recommendations or restrictions very seriously. Seniors actually require fewer calories but tend to need more lean protein, calcium, and other nutrients. Fresh fruits and vegetables provide an excellent source for nourishment, a wide variety of options for every meal and also that burst of color in June that brings a smile to everyone’s face! 

As patient advocates, we are trusted for successful and experienced Lifecare Planning as well as Home Care Management.  Our professional care managers make sure that your senior’s medical needs and other specifications are also met. Many seniors have chronic health conditions such as diabetes or high blood pressure and every effort must be made to avoid major health issues in the future, such as a heart attack or stroke. This is not to say that they can’t enjoy their favorite foods, but at Advocare, it is our mission to ensure that your loved one is happy and healthy and that starts with the food they eat!

The Advocare team of nurturing senior care specialists is available to be on call 24/7 and represent the large multilingual population in Miami with care managers and specialists who speak Spanish in addition to English. Call Advocare today and find out more about getting the most nurturing senior care in Miami.