Pandemic Relationships may be an odd title for a blog post, however, considering the unusual times we have been experiencing, it seemed worth addressing. Covid has brought about a strain on many of our relationships. Some of us may have longed to see our family but knew that it was unsafe to travel or visit, while others may have felt a little too confined with their loved ones. There has definitely been a test of bonds, emotions, and patience for all sorts of relationships. Those that live on their own, especially seniors, may have been affected by an added feeling of loneliness during these very trying times.

The routines that the elderly once had to sustain them were missing due to health concerns brought on by the pandemic. Weekly jaunts to the grocery store,¬† playing mahjong games in the clubhouse, or having a friend over for dinner ceased as boredom set in. As the weather improved, we were grateful to get outdoors, even if it was only in front of our house or backyard.¬†Since most of us weren’t venturing off too far from home, we had the opportunity to see our neighbors more often. Striking up new conversations and getting to know your neighbors became more commonplace as did offering to help those in need.

New relationships, sometimes rather unlikely ones, were forged and blossomed. Here is a heartwarming story of two neighbors, a 2-year-old boy and a 99-year-old woman that may never have connected were it not for the pandemic and the new normal they found themselves enjoying…Read their beautiful story…

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