A few minutes. That is how long the normal encounter lasts between a patient and their provider during a visit. Per the American Academy of Family Physicians, nearly one half of a doctor’s average workday is spent outside of the examination chamber performing various other administrative responsibilities such as patient follow-ups and documentation. However, Advocare’s Patient Care Coordinators in South Florida want to represent the difference, by connecting with patients on a deeper level, and having  more exhaustive conversations about their medical conditions and concerns.

The truth in our present healthcare market is that the time spent face-to-face with patients is in constant competition with writing up reports and handling administrative duties. In a time-constrained environment that limits open discussion and in-depth conversation, how is patient loyalty built?  Moreover, who can understand the entire picture surrounding a patient and their condition in a few minutes?

When the time spent on patient encounters decreases, it becomes more crucial than ever to have an individual who will serve as the patient’s advocate. During that short window of time,  a Patient Care Coordinator will store all of the vital information, making it easier for the patient to get the proper care he or she needs and deserves.

Here is where a patient care coordinator comes in

Each Advocare patient is matched with an enthusiastic patient care coordinator who understands the patient’s medical conditions, and knows his or her lifestyle, medication regimen, and most importantly, the patient as a person. The Patient Care Coordinators at Advocare are in constant communication with the caregivers. They remember all of the important information and then present it to the caregiver. Together they construct a comprehensive plan that will work for the patient. This plan will consist of important care tasks, medication management, as well as household management and family communications.

How do Patient Care Coordinators solve the issue of few minute office visits? Well, they are always there to make office visits as efficient as possible. Handling a chronic condition is a journey that is riddled with surprising turns and constant questions, which the average physician does not have the time capacity to navigate effectively. Patient Care Coordinators are committed to answering patient queries and alleviating concerns, and it is their continuous support and inspiration that makes our patients feel like family.

Being a Patient Care Coordinator in South Florida requires an exceptional amount of compassion, dedication, and enthusiasm to go above and beyond to satisfy the patient’s needs.

The Patient Care Coordination model is an acute and innovative model for care delivery that provides a safety net in order to ensure that all patients receive evidence-based effective care.

Patient Care Coordinators allow caregivers to have a truly positive effect on patients all throughout their hospitalization. Enhanced quality results are expected, and patient fulfillment is an early sign that this model works. For assistance from a Patient Care Coordinator in South Florida, contact Advocare at (561) 266-3489.