Need an advocate and ongoing partner in your loved one’s care?

We can help—whether you live across town or across the country—if your parent or loved one lives in Dade, Broward, or Palm Beach County. A qualified care manager has the skill, training, and knowledge to coordinate and oversee the right level of specialized support for an older adult at any stage of their care journey. We can step in early when your loved one is just beginning to need assistance or add management expertise much later when care becomes more complicated—or if there’s family conflict about the best care plan and next steps.

To some people, we’re Geriatric Care Managers. To others, we’re Aging Life Care Professionals.
To everyone we serve, we’re the MVP on their care team.

When is Care Management helpful?

Your parents live in a different state and you’re worried about them but can’t be there to help.

You’re feeling overwhelmed by their care needs or don’t have the time to do it all yourself.

Care is getting complicated and you want an expert who can coordinate your care team.

How does Care Management work?

    1. You choose the right level of care management for your needs.
    2. We get to know your parent or loved one, assess their needs, recommend an aging life care plan, and coordinate your team of professionals.
    3. Your Care Manager supports and advocates for your loved one like a caring adult child.
    4. We keep you up to date—virtually or in-person—and provide expert advice so you feel connected and can make informed decisions.
An elderly man with a cane and doctor standing in front of a building

We’re problem solvers, senior care experts, and aging life professionals.

Whether you live near or far, we’ll handle your adult child to-do list—virtually or in person—so you can just be the loving daughter or son again.

  • ASSESS your parent or loved one’s needs
  • ADVISE you on a comprehensive life care plan
  • MAKE specific recommendations to optimize health and wellbeing
  • ADVOCATE 24/7 during a hospitalization or medical crisis and keep you informed
  • MEDIATE and help resolve family conflicts about care
  • MANAGE medications in the home
  • FIND the best caregivers, and interview and manage them for you
  • COORDINATE a move to assisted living and share our insider knowledge so you can make the best choice
  • HELP you choose the best doctors, specialists, and other professionals, and trusted advisors

Choose from our two Care Management programs.

Virtual Care Advisor

Our virtual Care Management program gives you your own personal expert—available by video, phone, or text— who gets to know your loved one, identifies where help is needed, offers advice, coordinates the assistance, and keeps family members informed so you can feel connected and make the best decisions.

In-Person Care Manager

This comprehensive Care Management program supports more complex care challenges and quality of life issues when you need someone in the room to help. Your loved one gets a caring professional to support and advocate for them—you get an expert advisor who keeps you connected and informed.

How We Can Help

Medical Advocacy

Is your parent having memory issues or trouble getting to medical appointments, reporting symptoms accurately, or taking the right medications on time? We can support their health and wellness and keep you informed, reducing worries.

  • Schedule doctor’s appointments
  • Transportation to and from medical appointments
  • Taking notes, asking questions, and communicating with family members
  • Prescription pick-up and medication management
  • Assistance contesting insurance bills


Has there been a fall—or series of falls? Is your parent still driving when it’s no longer safe? Is your loved one not taking medications as prescribed? If you have any safety concerns about your parents, we can help.

  • Support after surgery, a serious fall, or other medical incident
  • Setting up in-home care after a hospital discharge
  • Home safety assessments to reduce falls or other risks
  • Recommending and obtaining the right safety equipment
  • Managing home modifications by trusted professionals

Relocation Support

How do you know if it’s time to relocate your parents so they can be safer and enjoy a better quality of life? We can assess the situation, help you make the right decisions, and be your personal advisor and hands-on relocation expert from start to finish.

  • Find the right senior living communities for your loved one’s needs, budget, and lifestyle—and help you choose
  • Negotiate the best move-in rates
  • Help with downsizing and setting up reliable movers
  • Coordinate supplemental care if needed

Professional Expertise

Need a trustworthy professional to coordinate your medical, legal, or financial matters? Not sure what to do next?

We’ll learn about your needs, recommend the best solutions, and connect you with the right experts in your community—and manage everything.

  • Elder law attorneys
  • Trust advisors and fiduciaries
  • Life Care Planning experts
  • Top physicians and specialists with the medical expertise needed
  • Credible, accurate online resources

Do you have questions?

We have the knowledge and answers you need.

  • Looking for the best fall alert system for seniors?
  • Need a medical advocate for your aging parents?
  • Want to better understand your Medicare options?
  • Worried your parent is feeling isolated or not eating well?
  • Need help setting up post surgery home care?
  • Wondering if it’s time to help your parents relocate?
  • Concerned about financial abuse?
  • Need assistance contesting insurance bills?
  • Looking for ways to get your parents to accept help?
  • Want to find the best elder law attorney near you?

This is care management.

We can support your older loved one’s happiness, health, and wellness—and reduce the stress and worry for you and other family members.

Ready to get started or learn more?

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    What Our Clients Say About Us

    “Advocare is a powerful match of concerned professionals whose spirit is expressed in the way you carry out your work together.”
    “You were a fount of information…warm, knowledgeable, and thoroughly professional.”
    “Their wisdom, practical day-by-day guidance, and professional approach to problem solving helped me deal effectively with tough family decisions.”
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