Advocare was established with the sole purpose of advising families and caring for family members who require individualized and thoughtful attention. Over the years, we have come to understand that while many families are devoted to their relative’s continuous care, they, at times are not equipped with the tools, time and knowledge required to deliver all-inclusive care. It is through this awareness that we’ve decided to create a more comprehensive and compassionate approach to care. Now, when your family member is in need of elder care in Miami, you can feel at peace knowing that there’s a team readily available to take on this immense responsibility.

Facilitating Exceptional Elder Care in Miami, FL

When your family makes a collective decision to entrust the care of your elderly relative to a Caregiver, it’s expected that countless hours of thorough research and investigation will ensue; this decision is paramount and consequently will impact the life of your family member as much as that of the rest of your nucleus. While there’s clearly not a lack of options to consider over the course of this exploration, not all of them will successfully adapt to your family’s needs. How do we know that? During our development, we made a conscious choice to steer away from the traditional, at times, conformist view of care. We wanted to thread our own path and come up with worthy solutions and services—which is why when you reach out to Advocare for elder care in Miami, FL, you can expect something far more effective and rewarding than the cookie cutter approach to care. 

At Advocare, our Care Managers and Caregivers work in partnership to offer professional guidance and assistance in four vital areas of care, which include: Medical Care Management, Home Care Management, Lifecare Planning and Transition Care Management. To better explain this collaborative approach to care, we implement our concentric circle of care which describes the relationship between the two. Care Managers serve as spokespersons for the client; collecting vital information at doctor’s appointments and maintaining an open dialogue with the family, while Caregivers have a more direct connection with the client; facilitating daily assistance with light house chores, companionship, personal hygiene and more. The Care Manager’s role is to transmit key information gathered during medical consults or family conversations to the Caregiver, who will in turn work to implement and tweak any current care practices. If the Caregiver were to take notice of anything that the client’s physician and/or family needs to know, they will inform the Care Manager immediately.

It is through this unique and adaptable attitude toward care that we’ve been able to consistently deliver outstanding elder care in Miami, FL. For additional information, call Advocare at (561) 266-3489. We understand the value of high-grade quality care.