Two men flexing their muscles
Two men flexing their muscles


The best defense against aging and disability is a good offense!

We believe that an ounce of prevention is worth a pound of cure.

Elderly woman lifting weights

Advocare is proud to announce the Active Aging Senior Fitness Program™. This program provides a personalized fitness coach for seniors who:

  • Are currently active and looking to maintain or improve their lifestyle, and who
  • Are starting to be challenged with certain day to day tasks greater physical conditioning

The Active Aging Program Senior Fitness Program is custom tailored to meet each individual’s needs for physical fitness, emotional, and mental conditioning in order to keep a positive attitude and maintain abilities to perform daily tasks.

The Active Aging Program Senior Fitness Program is uniquely designed to:

  • Provide personalized fitness training to prevent loss of strength and mobility
  • Aid Seniors at risk for falls (fall prevention and balance program);
  • Empower Adults who are encountering difficulties with everyday tasks such as taking the garbage out, grocery shopping, loading and unloading laundry, and getting the mail.
  • Accompaniment by a licensed physical therapist Care Manager to the mall or single favorite store for personalized shopping “Excursion Diversion” to promote physical agility and endurance while accomplishing a needed errand. The focus of this outing is to promote cognitive and physical stimulation while being out in a social setting.

The Active Aging Program Senior Fitness Program educates and conditions active seniors in their own home so they can remain self-sufficient.

The program also provides physical activity and mental stimulation in a positive environment designed to prevent social isolation and depression. The program focuses on exercises designed for balance and fall prevention, strengthening, flexibility and endurance.

The ultimate objective of the Active Aging Program Senior Fitness Program is to provide seniors with the strength and muscle tone to continue to perform activities of daily living and remain independent in their own home, and even out in the community.

Don’t just sit there . . . call us today for a no-cost consultation to learn more about our Active Aging Senior Fitness Program®!

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A man with a prosthetic leg lifting weights
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