Elderly people playing card game
Elderly people playing card game


The Tipping Point — When you may need senior placement services.

There comes a time when seniors themselves or their family members question if it is safe to continue to live independently in their own home. On one hand, the concern may be all the maintenance and logistical issues of remaining completely independent. Alternatively, it may simply be too expensive to pay privately for the level of care required to safely care for a senior in their own private home. In these situations, Advocare’s Senior Placement Services can assist your family in choosing a nursing home or assisted living.

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The Senior Placement Decision

Is NOW the time to make this decision? How do I start to have this conversation with my parents? How will we pay for this? Our senior placement services start with a comprehensive assessment by an experienced Professional Care Manager. Our professional assessment can assist you to determine if the timing is right to consider a move to assisted living or nursing care. If you determine to defer this decision, we can help you with interim options at home.

The Lowdown on Senior Placement – Is it really “free?”

There are many “free” senior placement services available. Just get the facts and understand that their services are not really free – they are paid a fee by the facility after the move-in. The Advocare Transition Care Management model is different. We make senior placement recommendations without any profit motive or fees to be gained by referring to any particular facility. In fact, in many cases we are able to negotiate substantial discounts and stipends for a new resident up to several thousand dollars. Our recommendations are always based upon a detailed assessment by a professional Aging Life Care Manager.

Steps in our Senior Placement Process

1. Assessment — In the first step of our senior placement services, your Care Manager will conduct a geriatric assessment to determine physical and psycho-social functionality. They will also evaluate the safety of the existing home environment.

2. Care Plan — You will be provided with a professional written summary of our geriatric assessment findings. This will also include our specific recommendations based upon those findings.

3. Criteria — If our findings point towards a recommendation of a senior placement in either assisted living or skilled nursing care, we will develop a list of criteria that we feel are important to provide the necessary level of support.

4. Short List — Based on these criteria, we will develop a “short list” of those local facilities that would be the best match. Because we have worked with so many facilities in South Florida, our information is first hand from our own experience. We are especially adept in matching clientèle to memory support and Alzheimer secure environments.

5. Property Preview — Family members may wish to schedule a time to visit and join the Care Manager on a review of these properties. We can assist the family to view these properties through the professional lens of an experienced Aging Life Care Expert (formally called Geriatric Care Manager), and we can help you assess the pros and cons of each.

6. Decision & Discounts — Advocare’s senior placement services will guide you every step of the way to a decision. Your choices will include the pro’s and con’s of each community, as well as a summary of discounts, rebates and stipends negotiated with each property. At the end of this process, the right decision becomes apparent.

7. Full Service Move Coordination — A Care Manager can provide full service coordination of a move, They can bring in the support to downsize & de-clutter, helping the senior and family decide what’s really important in this emotional process. Your Care Manager will work with you to create an action plan and will handle all aspects of a senior move from selection of a community to assisting a senior to adjust to this major transition. Many communities have confided in us, “The families that have a Care Manager have a much smoother transition with your help and support.”

Steps in our Senior Placement Process

After a move, Advocare can continue to monitor and manage the level and quality of care. Our Care Advocate on Call Program will assure quality of care and provide ongoing phone and email updates to family members.

You Are Not Alone

We will provide you with the guidance and counsel so that your family will feel secure and confident in your decision.

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