If you are living in your sixth decade or beyond, you have faced the reality that you are old and, as average life expectancy approaches the eighth decade, you will spend an appreciable portion of your life as a “Senior Citizen.” Seven Strategies for Positive Aging is a baby boomer breakthrough that will help you explore how to discover meaning and happiness in your later years. Published in 2008, the book offers concrete ideas and strategies that will not only work, but also stimulate healthy discussions. Robert D. Hill is a professor in the Department of Educational Psychology at the University of Utah. He also authored Positive Aging: A Guide for Mental health Professionals and Consumers, published in 2005.

Positive aging involves a positive mindset. This book reiterates repeatedly that you are never too old to change or learn new behaviors. Life situations change as we age, and it was reassuring to read that, “It is possible to cultivate optimism.” Seven chapters deal with the seven strategies in just 147 pages. Short. Simple. Finding meaning in old age…what a concept. Interestingly, all of the strategies can be used alone, but to provide the fullest benefit they need to overlap. I particularly liked Chapter Four, entitled, “You Can Strengthen Life-Span Relationships.” In fact, I have read it several times. There are a multitude of sub-topics, including changes in your social circle, different types of relationships, the importance of “give and take,” how others perceive you, dealing with loss and loneliness, flexibility, and grandchildren. I have been waiting for years for my own grandchildren to discover all that I have saved, just for them. I realize now, after reading.

Seven Strategies for Positive Aging that if a relationship is meant to be, it is up to me. This was a huge awakening in a positive way for me. The section devoted to Long-Term Care offers constructive ideas and insight. Regardless of disease, dementia and age, new approaches and skills can be incorporated on a very basic level. One downside of the book, in my opinion, is it is filled with anecdotal stories, yet we can learn from these. This book asks some tough questions such as WHY do you want to look youthful? WHY would you want to pursue learning something new? It makes you take a bold hard look at the fact that “you can’t cheat death…it is inevitable.”

The goal of Seven Strategies for Positive Aging is to cultivate a different mindset. The book provides personal empowerment and can stimulate healthy discussions with family, clients, and co-workers. I recommend this book as a must-read for baby boomers, their children, and to anyone who cares for the elderly.

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