Christian and Jewish Family Services for Observant Families

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“When parents feed children, they both laugh; when children feed parents, they both cry.” — Yiddish Proverb

Advocare proudly serves families of all faiths and cultural backgrounds. Our Spiritual Liaison works closely with families to customize our services to the specific South Florida Christian and Jewish family services needs of each client.

One of our most appreciated services is our Holiday Interlude — a visitation by our Spiritual Liaison with a gift basket and a prayer specific to the holiday at hand. We can also arrange visits by clergy of the faith of choice.

Advocare, a professional geriatric care management organization, has provided observant families with South Florida Christian and Jewish family care services in Palm Beach, Broward, and Miami since 2001.

We are sensitive to the particular South Florida Christian and Jewish family services needs of our observant clients. Honoring father and mother — caring for elderly parents — is not only one of the Ten Commandments — but also an intrinsic belief and desire that runs deep through family patriarchs and matriarchs to their sons and daughters. Our Geriatric Care Managers have experience in working with delicate family situations, including Holocaust survivors and situations where seniors are proudly reluctant to accept elder care services.

There does come a time when it is the role of adult child to assist their elder parent to evaluate weighty decisions regarding their medical care and their living environment. The spiritual and emotional health of the family hangs delicately in the balance of these decisions. The Advocare Care Manager’s approach to delivery of customized South Florida Christian and Jewish family services includes an empathy for the need to respect their rituals, traditions, & dietary guidelines. Mom & Dad were there for us – now it’s our turn to be there for them.


Here you can review discussions, radio programs, and articles all relating to how the “Baby Boomers” are dealing with issues related to caring for their aging parents!

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