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Care Manager

Our Palm Beach/Broward County Social Worker,  Lisa, earned her Master’s degree in Social Work at West Virginia University. Lisa brings more than 25 years of social work experience to Advocare.

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Lisa, our Care Manager in Palm Beach/Broward County, holds a Master’s degree in Social Work from West Virginia University. With over 25 years of dedicated social work experience, Lisa brings a wealth of expertise to Advocare.

Educational Excellence

Lisa’s commitment to professional development is evident in her academic achievements, earning a Master’s degree in Social Work from West Virginia University. This educational foundation equips her with the knowledge and skills necessary to navigate the complexities of social work in diverse clinical settings.

Versatile Clinical Experience

Lisa’s professional journey spans various clinical arenas, including home health, hospice, acute care (hospital), outpatient mental health, Adult Protective Services, and children services. This extensive experience reflects her adaptability and proficiency in addressing a wide range of social work challenges across different healthcare settings.

Crisis Intervention and Geriatric Expertise

Lisa excels in crisis intervention and problem-solving, particularly in the realm of geriatric issues. Her ability to navigate complex situations and provide effective solutions is a testament to her experience and dedication to ensuring the well-being of the individuals she serves.

Lisa’s Master’s degree, versatile clinical experience, and specialized skills in crisis intervention and geriatric care make her an invaluable member of Advocare. Her commitment to providing exceptional social work services in Palm Beach/Broward County aligns seamlessly with the organization’s mission to support and enhance the lives of seniors.

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Phone : (561) 266-3489
Email : [email protected]