This book is written by three authors who are experts in the field of geriatrics. They provide comprehensive information and resources on aging to help the reader understand the aging process, options for care, and planning for the future. “After reading this book, you should be able to appreciate the fact that nothing that deals with the elderly is simple and straightforward. Every issue has a variety of complicating factors.” (p.69).

The book is divided into four sections. The first section provides an overview of aging in an attempt to demystify physical changes. Topics include how specific parts of a person’s body ages, preventative medicine, medications, hormone replacement, vitamins, exercise, and more. The authors also discuss when or when not to do screenings. The authors feel that screenings can be done at any age provided that the individual being screened can tolerate the potential treatments needed.

Section two of the book reviews issues surrounding the current health care system and how to effectively navigate the system. The information presented in this section helps the reader identify possible resources for the care of an older adult.

The third section of the book concerns the care of the frail elder. Topics include falls, osteoporosis, rehabilitation, infectious disease, weight, feeding tubes, caregiving, depression, behavior issues, sleeping, bedsores, and pain. Each chapter presents current information including definitions and treatment methods, as well as suggestions on what family members can do.

Finally, the fourth section of the book focuses on planning for the future. This section focuses on difficult issues such as finances, driving, traveling, natural disasters, end-of-life issues, and death. Guided questions help readers process these topics.

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