When our parents or grandparents get older, there’s no such thing as simple or easy. They may be angry that you’re making an executive decision to uproot them from their homes and move them into homes or professional care. Alternatively, they could be upset that they need to have someone live with them. Whatever the case may be, the experts at Advocare know how frustrating this transition can be. Fortunately, you and your loved ones don’t have to go through this transition alone. There are plenty of options out there, and at Advocare, we believe we are the very best option for your family. We’re a team of professionals who have a passion for helping families find quality senior care in Miami. We weed out the bad and only present our clients with the best.

Advocare Options for Senior Care in Miami

Assessment and Care Planning
Advocare helps families create a plan of action that makes everyone happy. Our first step is to get a better understanding of your wants and needs, as well as the desires of parents or grandparents. What are their preferences? Do they want to leave their home? Do they want someone to live with them? Are they looking for a community? Whatever the case may be, we can point you in the right direction.

In-Home Care
Another area that is incredibly important is in-home care. We know that as elders get older, they need more medications, more care, and more attention. Unfortunately, their children can get busy with their daily lives, not having enough time to care for their parents as they wish they could. This can cause stress and guilt, but fortunately with Advocare, children can get their parents the assistance they need. We take charge of the interview process, the hiring, and overseeing home caregivers.

Lifecare Planning
Planning for your loved one isn’t just for young people. In fact, the older one gets, the more planning becomes necessary. At Advocare, we provide services that match financial plans to a care plan. Yet we do so in a way that ensures we’re meeting individual wants, needs, and desires. It’s important that your loved one feels comfortable in their choices and during this next phase of their life.

Medication Management
One of our most highly sought-after plans includes medication management. This option is perfect for those who have parents or grandparents who need constant medications. As people get older, they have a harder time remembering to take their pills, which can result in life-threatening consequences. Again, this can create stress on their children as they battle the balance between their daily responsibilities and an aging parent. With medication management, a professional can help administer those pills. They’ll make sure the dosage is correct and they’ll aid in avoiding falls or medication complications.

Some of the other services we include are assisted living transitions, active aging, administrative support, benefits management, family updates, care technology, advocate on call, and more. Advocare is synonymous with quality care management and with our team, that’s precisely what we plan to do. Call us today at 561-266-3489 and see how we can help you through this next phase of life.