medicalWhen caring for an aging parent, our initial instinct may be to go into parental mode; to swap roles, now wanting to act as the caregiver that our parents once were for us. We may plan our parent’s day, organizing a morning routine, setting up daily activities with other family members, or coordinating with our parent’s friends. It can be assumed that most of us want what is best for the person that spent so much of their time and energy caring for us. We want our parents to be happy, healthy, and feel like they are living a whole and fulfilling life.   

But a significant part of caring for our aging parents is managing their health care. With aging typically comes new health concerns or needs. As we get older, our bodies change and develop in ways that we may or may not expect. We all must be ready for not only our own aging process, but we must also consider the implications that aging will have on our parents and loved ones. As their main caregivers, we may become solely responsible for their day-to-day health, and any long-term care they may need.   

Care Management Matters   

Care management can be very specific depending on the age of the patient, and on any health needs the patient may have. With geriatric care, issues may be more complex, and certain topics can be sensitive, difficult for all parties involved to discuss. Some seniors require home visits multiple days a week, needing simple check-ins or requiring daily medical care. If a senior patient needs short or long-term care, it may be necessary for a senior care manager to create and tailor a plan to meet the direct needs of the patient. And with many plans, there is typically a person designated to manage the team and to help ensure that all details of the plan are being executed properly and to the best of everyone’s ability. It matters that every person playing a role in the managing of a senior’s care is doing their best, and most importantly, they are invested in the total well-being of the patient.   

To be protective of the ones we love would be considered normal. We want to make sure that if we are responsible for the well-being of our senior parents, our parents are not only okay but that they have access to the best assistance possible. This may cause us as caregivers to want to be in control of the care management process. But the truth is if we are not trained or licensed professionals, or inexperienced in the medical field, we may not be the best person to manage our parents’ health care plan.   

 Choose a Professional  

As caregivers, it is important for us to be as hands-on and involved as possible. It is also very important for us to consult with a professional care management company for care options. We should choose a company that has a known reputation for providing highly trained care managers in the Miami and South Florida area. AdvoCare helps to locate, interview, and manage outstanding extended caregivers. We at AdvoCare help to identify any financial assistance you or your loved one may be entitled to. AdvoCare’s senior management team, above all, advocates for its clients, understanding that the first step in quality care and service is making it known that you and your family will not accept anything less.   

We are Here for You  

Choosing a specialist or doctor, a care facility or a long-term care plan, can be a tricky and time-consuming process. Trust us to walk you through it. Trust Advocare to assess your needs, advise you on the next and most appropriate steps to take, and to advocate for the senior in your life. The health care system can be intimidating, and without experience working with doctors, medical facilities, and insurance companies, it can be very difficult to get all the answers or assistance you need. Advocare is here to fill in the gaps. Call us and let us show up for you.