Geriatric Care South Florida ​​When your parents get older taking care of them can almost become a full time job. For many of us, as our parents get older it becomes increasingly difficult to provide them the help and care they need on a daily basis. If you’re thinking about finding help for your parents, working with care coordinators for seniors in South Florida is a great option. At Advocare we have an experienced team who can help you find the right care and support for your parents. During our full assessment we’ll be able to find the care and support your parents need in South Florida.  

What happens during the initial assessment and care plan?

When you call our team at Advocare the first thing we do for the senior in need of care is complete a full assessment and create a care plan. This serves as a road map to help you decide what care plan is best for your parents. Our aging life care managers are here to make sure that you and your family have the options needed to find the right support for your parents. During our initial assessment and care plan we will:  

  • Outline medical history leading up to the present.  
  • Document all medications. 
  • Review physicians and all medical professionals currently being used. 
  • Assess physical and cognitive status. 
  • Assess home safety and socialization status.  
  • Create an action plan best suited for your parents. 

Find the right care begins when you work with our aging life care managers at Advocare. Within a few days of your assessment our team will come up with various options and treatment plans. This formal document, typically a few pages long, will report our findings and also have our recommendations. We have experienced care coordinators for seniors in South Florida who will help your family from the initial assessment to the time you find the right care for your parents. 

Call Advocare today to get started.

If your parents or other seniors need additional help in South Florida our team at Advocare can help. With our assessment and senior care plan you can find the right care and support for your loved one. We know that as our elders start to get older it can become increasingly difficult to provide them the care they need. That’s where Advocare can help. Call us today to get started.