Card? Check. Flowers? Check. Phone call? Done! You honor the women in your family on Mother’s Day in traditional ways, but what are you doing to make sure your mother or grandmother is cared for in essential ways? Your mom is getting older and moving a little slower than she used to. It can be tough to deal with when you live thousands of miles away from your loved ones and they are ill or in declining health. It may be time to consider getting help with senior care in South Florida.

Mother’s Day is an opportune time to check in on your mother’s health. If your mother is slowing down and her health is not as good as it used to be, it is also a good time to think about hiring a geriatric care manager, also known as a patient care coordinator.

A geriatric care manager helps families by providing care to older family members. A geriatric care manager also offers case management, including care planning and coordination, as well as guidance and other resources. They are many companies that represent themselves as patient care coordinators or patient advocates, but Advocare is different.

The care managers at Advocare are Registered Nurses with years of experience handling issues and challenges with our senior clients. Each client is assigned their own RN patient care coordinator, matched based on the specific needs of the client and family.

The care managers at Advocare use their years of experience to help families create and implement a care plan to promote healthy aging or address illness of your loved ones. Our geriatric care managers do this by assessing the client, advising the family, and advocating for optimal health and well-being.

Care managers are also a useful resource for helping adult children, spouses, and families of aging parents with identifying community resources, providing referrals to medical professionals, and ultimately reducing the overwhelming responsibilities of providing care. Most importantly, care managers can attend appointments when you cannot. They are can be your eyes and ears, so you heart is at ease.

At Advocare, we understand that in many circumstances you are contacting us because an emergency or other stressful situation has arisen. If you need help with senior care in South Florida, call us today to reduce your stress and get a plan in place.