5 Ways Medical Marijuana Can Benefit the Senior Population:

Up until the last decade, medical marijuana carried a stigma with it. People assumed that it was an aggressive addictive drug. However, with more and more scientific research coming out, the publics’ opinion of this treatment has changed. Now, there are over 300,000 people in Florida alone who have a medical marijuana card. And more people get added to the registry every day. If you have considered medical marijuana for treatment or pain management in the past, you may be able to benefit from it more than you think. To learn more about medical marijuana as a treatment method, your senior care management company in Palm Beach can assist you. See below to learn about five ways medical marijuana can benefit the senior citizen.

1.Pain Management

The human body withstands significant stress throughout a lifetime. As we get older, we begin to feel these aches and pains much more intently. Some conditions and illnesses can amplify this discomfort. Whether you can take painkillers or whether you prefer them or not; they are not the only option you have. Many people find that painkillers are highly addictive and come with unpleasant side effects. Medical marijuana is an option that is a non additive or non chemical alternative. It is a natural way to reduce or stop the pain. There are edibles, vitamins, creams, and droppers available. Different modes in administration affect persons in an immediate or longer acting response. Your prescribing physician will determine how effective a formula is for your issue and how quickly it was absorbed within your body. Many senior citizens find that medical marijuana can help with joint pain, nerve damage, chronic illnesses, and chronic pain from other conditions.

2. Relieves Cancer Treatment Side Effects

While everyone is at risk of getting cancer at some point in their lifetime, senior citizens are at an increased risk. Many people who are affected by cancer undergo chemotherapy as a treatment option. This form of treatment is effective but is not always the most pleasant. The side effects of chemo can be nausea, vomiting, and decreased appetite. Now, with the help of medical marijuana, many patients find that the cancer treatment side effects are minimal or are improved to a tolerable level.

3. Mental Health

Mental health and illnesses affect people of all ages. The senior citizen community is not immune. Between PTSD, OCD, anxiety, and depression, mental illness is serious. With the help of medical marijuana, many senior citizens have found relief. The natural treatment works to relax and ease stress. Next time you feel your mental health worsening, let Advocare, your senior care management company in Palm Beach, connect you to a specialist. The best way to know if medical marijuana can help is to speak with a specialist first.

4. Alzheimer’s and Dementia

Out of the entire elderly population, about 10% have Alzheimer’s or dementia. And these conditions are not only about memory loss or confusion. People with both Alzheimer’s and dementia forget to eat and often experience a loss of appetite. Medical marijuana can help stimulate an appetite and increase the odds that the senior will not become malnourished, causing many additional problems as well. Persons with a Dementia diagnosis need the nutrition and extra energy from increased calories to stay healthy and functional. Another way marijuana can help is through THC being able to slow beta-amyloid that forms when

Alzheimer’s is present in the brain. The more the beta-amyloid growth is slowed, the research suggests that the debilitating progression of the disease can also be delayed.

5. Possibly Replacing Some Prescriptions

Senior citizens often take prescription medications that they utilize to manage pain, a condition, and general health. However, a majority of long term prescription pain medications have unpleasant side effects. One way senior citizens are tackling this is by substituting medical marijuana instead under a physician’s supervision. Medical marijuana can be a prescription replacement in some cases. And the best part is that it is all-natural and a healthier alternative for some.

If you think medical marijuana may benefit you, reach out to your senior care management company in Palm Beach, Advocare Care Management. They can assist you by guiding you in the process of evaluating this alternative treatment. The only way to know if medical marijuana is a good therapy for you is to seek a professional’s opinion. To learn more, reach out to the Advocare Care Management team today at (561) 266-3489.