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Advocare’s life care planning services empower seniors and their families to match their care plan with a comprehensive, proactive financial plan to pay for care expenses.

Life Care Planning integrates care management support services across medical, legal, and financial spectrum.

Many clients already have trusted and competent advisors to address their legal and financial needs. In this case, our Life Care Planning professionals work together with these trusted advisors to ensure that all of the family’s advisors are working in tandem to maximize seniors’ quality of life.

Let’s look at a couple of examples.

On the legal side, most of our clients have typically already taken at least some steps to ensure that they have advance directives in place. But really, when was the last time you pulled out those documents? OK, so you had a reputable attorney draw them up. Do you really know all the implications of these documents? Is it really clear what happens in a crisis? Sadly, some documents are much better at addressing the course of action after someone dies – but are very limiting during the a medical crisis when you need them most.

An Aging Life Care Expert (formally known as a Geriatric Care Manager) experienced in life care planning can help you understand how these documents would really function during a crisis and make certain your wishes are honored. If changes are needed, we are able to refer you to reputable resources such as elder law attorneys that can help you to achieve your planning goals.

On the financial side, it is of course typical that clients have financial advisors that have been working with them for many years.

If, in the process of working with a client it becomes apparent that they need a more strategic and less transactional approach to synchronizing their financial plan to their current and future needs, we can suggest other resources that can assist them to achieve a more whole-person and whole-life approach to their planning needs. Most importantly, based upon the trajectory of a senior or a senior couple’s care plan, Life Care Planning can match the financial plan to the care plan. It allows family to have the total picture regarding medical and care needs as well as tap all available resources such as Medicare, Medicaid, and other entitlements such as Veteran benefits.

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Life Care Planning looks forward.

At Advocare we evaluate the mid-range medical, psychosocial, and lifestyle needs of the senior client, and synchronize these needs with their financial and legal resources. In doing so, we work as a team with the family and their trusted advisors to ensure that their wishes are carried out according to their needs and desires.

Family members working together with Care Managers to conduct life care planning in this manner can avoid the financial and emotional crisis of running out of money or needing more care than existing resources allow.

Many times we find that we can re-purpose existing resources or benefits to accomplish this goal.

Within Advocare, our Life Care Planning professional may also tag team with a Nurse Care Manager to address both short term medical issues and their longer term senior living plans. Life Care Planning is a care management approach that seeks to bring forth the spirit of Abraham Lincoln’s quote, “In the end, it’s not the years in your life that count. It’s the life in your years.”

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