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We include finances when we talk about a plan of care

Aging adults tell us time and again, “I just want to stay in my own home.” Family members tell us they “promised” Mom and Dad that they could do exactly that. Yet, as care needs are changing and monthly costs are mounting, budgets can spiral out of control. At this point, many families feel anxious not knowing how much all of this is going to cost and how it will be paid.

You Have No Way to Know What You Don’t Know

“Not knowing” is where the challenge begins.  Life Care Planning anticipates the what-ifs that can occur in developing a long term plan for changing care needs in relation to available financial resources.  Our Life Care Planning team can help you anticipate these challenges to keep a health crisis from becoming a financial crisis.

The steps in our Life Care Planning Process include:


We take a comprehensive look at a client’s financial situation, including an income and expense analysis, identifying community and public benefits that may be applicable.

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We create a plan for the individual that considers changing care needs by developing a budget with specific recommendations on how to maximize income, decrease expenses and repurpose monies with a focus toward the long term.


We provide our clients with the help and guidance they need to implement their Life Care Plan by:

  • Assembling the right team of professionals to help with financial and legal matters
  • Guiding you through legal and financial decisions as they relate to care
  • Serving as your family’s “sounding board” in all aspects of decision-making
  • Helping clients obtain necessary information and documentation for benefits and applications
  • Analyzing existing insurance policies and advocating with insurance companies
  • Educating our clients, throughout the process, on pertinent issues that may arise.
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So, if you’re in need of Florida elder care management services, contact Advocare and our Professional Elder Care Managers. We love what we do and we will be delighted to help you. Call us today!