As an aging adult, you may know about nursing homes, home care services, and medication management, but do you know about transition care management? To our surprise, many seniors we speak to have never heard of it. With all the different kinds of services specific to seniors available, you may become weary of hearing people tell you how to live your life. However, with transition care management, that is not the case. Despite the word management thrown in there, we promise this service is all about your specific needs and goals and what the best way to meet those are. The point of this service is to plan for your future. Our team at Advocare, provides RN’s all throughout South Florida, who can help you figure out how to safely live in your home as long as possible, what to do when a spouse declines unexpectedly, and how to deal with mental health issues? When all of these things become too stressful to handle in your home, we utilize our unique process in finding the right Independent Living or Assisted Living/Memory Care community.

These communities will help with daily tasks and take some of the burden off of you or your loved one, leading to a more stress-free lifestyle. To get a better idea of what transition care management is, keep reading.

What Exactly is Transition Care Management?

Here at Advocare, our transition care management service is truly one of a kind. Many eldercare companies try and make decisions for you; however, our service is all about you and the best decisions for your specific situation in the present as well as down the road. This service is essentially an assessment done by you and our professional RN’s to determine how to make your home a safer environment to age in. As you get older, you get to relax and spend time with loved ones, but you also have many challenging decisions to make, which is where our assessment comes in. We put everything about the present and the future into perspective. Because this service has to do with transitioning living situations and your health, we recommend having a loved one there, such as children. That way, those who care about your well being can help you make the best decisions for your future. Sometimes more opinions can help people make better decisions, especially when they are from those we love. With our staff, you and your spouse, and any loved ones involved, we know you will able to plan with confidence and ease.


Does the Service Plan for Assisted Living?

A common misconception about this service is that it is only a game plan to get you from your home to independent or assisted living. Of course, it may be an option, but there is never one path to the end result you are looking for. If you choose to live at home in the future, then our team will work around what you want and make sure we game plan for you living at home. This service is all about you and your future. For instance, if you choose to live at home, then we will help you make your home as safe as possible. These changes include making it fall-proof, adjusting things to make it easy to use, and putting the elder twist on it. That way, you can navigate your home safely. If you do want to talk about assisted living in the future, we can figure out the optimal point at which you should choose to pursue that option. This discussion is usually for those who are suffering from a physical/memory disorder or are lacking social interaction they feel is important. We do these discussions because we know at one point, an assisted living center may be the only way to get the care you need. Our service will establish those boundaries with you and discuss options for your spouse as well.


Here at Advocare, located in South Florida, we are all about helping you make the best decisions for yourself. It is your life, so you get to make the calls! You tell us what you want to do, and we help make the situation safer and turn your short and long-term health goals into a reality. To learn more about Transition Care Management and Advocare’s other services, give us a call today at (561) 266-3489. Our team is looking forward to assisting you!