Historically, when health care coordination was considered for seniors, a major factor in determining if it was necessary was the severity of the health issues a senior may be dealing with. The focus has been on care for patients with more chronic conditions; seniors who require more costly and more long-term care. But because of the more detailed nature of these patients’ care needs, their care plans also tend to be more poorly managed. AdvoCare works diligently every day to connect families with skilled and professional care coordinators who will fill in the gaps that, sometimes, exist between seniors and the proper care they need. But because there is a serious focus on care management for seniors with more chronic illnesses, it is not always thought to hire care coordinators for less severe patients. 


Many times, the care coordination of our more independent seniors falls directly on the shoulders of a senior’s family or loved one. A caregiver will take on the responsibility of coordinating any care necessary, and if the senior’s care is minimal, they can and should be able to manage it alone. It is true that everyone will age differently. Some people will develop more serious health issues than others, causing the general concern to shift to the patient who seems to need more attention. But when considering care plans and management for any senior, it still matters who is made responsible for coordinating the health care, and how the senior’s plan is managed.   


No matter the severity of a senior’s health, they will likely need to visit health care providers regularly and fill medications as prescribed. Maybe they have been hospitalized, and now require short-term, home health care or rehabilitation. Or they may be a senior in great health, but they need assistance in maintaining their good condition by incorporating exercise, and/or other physically stimulating activities. All of this can be considered a part of a care plan and should be managed by an individual or company that is trained in coordinating health care regularly.  


A few goals for utilizing a care coordinator is to control the cost and quality of care, improve any disease outcome, and to ensure patient satisfaction with the services provided and their satisfaction with their life. The best way to meet these goals is to hire someone who is trained and qualified to help families navigate the healthcare world.  


At Advocare, our care coordinators first assess your needs and potential limitations. It is our job to ask, listen, and uncover any barrier that might be standing in the way of you or your loved one getting the best and needed care available. Once our care coordinators have assessed your individual needs, they will advise you on the most appropriate course of action to meet those needs previously determined. It is important that the person advising you and your family has a proven understanding of what services are available and which ones will work best. This is also important when controlling the cost of care. Health care can get expensive and having a care coordinator assigned to you through AdvoCare ensures that you have the proper guidance needed to avoid unnecessary spending.  


After an Advocare Care Coordinator has assessed you or your loved one’s circumstances, and the coordinator has advised and offered the most appropriate care plan, they will begin to advocate for you. They will fight to make sure that every senior in Miami, and the South Florida area, are receiving the treatment they deserve. Our Care Coordinator’s priority is to make sure that your care plan is respected and followed by anyone involved in your family’s health outcomes.  


No matter the senior’s condition, whether they have more chronic diseases or if they just need help maintaining their current quality of life, bring a care coordinator on to the senior’s care team. Expert advice and knowledgeable insight go a long way when preserving the life span and security of you or your loved one. Trust a company with a proven track record for quality service. Trust a company with five-star reviews and honest testimonies of the care provided. Call Advocare. Let us show up for you.