With the holiday season quickly approaching, families across the United States are making plans and gearing up for travel and celebrations. While many will enjoy the company of friends and family during the holidays, being together is not possible for everyone. If you live in different parts of the country from your elder parents, making arrangements to see them may not be possible. If your parents require aging life care in Miami, traveling to you may not be plausible, either.
Even if you aren’t able to see your parents during this season, you can still make their day a little bit brighter. Here’s a few simple ways to show them you’re still thinking of them.

Send a Care Package

Today’s postal delivery service is great when it comes to getting gifts and care packages to loved ones who live out of state. Putting time and thought into personalizing a care package for your parent can help to lift spirits and ensure your parents know you love them despite the distance. Some items to consider include:

• Warm layering items like blankets, socks, gloves, and caps
• Flavored teas
• Printed photos of your family
• A new copy of their favorite book(s)
• Accessibility gadgets

Take Advantage of Technology

Sometimes the best thing you can provide a distant loved one is quality time. Take advantage of modern technology to help make that happen. When it comes to aging life care in Miami, socialization and engagement with loved ones helps to enrich older people’s lives. If your parent isn’t well-versed with using technology, an in-home aide may be able to help. Schedule a time and date for your FaceTime or video chat to connect with your parents during the holidays.

Do you have young children you want to keep in contact with their grandparent(s)? Create an email account just for them! By supervising online communication in a safe environment, you can help teach your child online safety while also giving your parent(s) something to look forward to.

Visit as Soon as You Can

While it may not be feasible to visit your elder parent during this holiday season or as regularly as you may like, make it a priority to visit as soon as you can. This is especially important if it’s been some time since you’ve seen your aging parent; feeling neglected or forgotten is detrimental to their health. While aging life care in Miami helps to keep your loved ones healthy, connections with family make life more fulfilling.

Time and money keeping you from visiting home? There’s still a way to make it happen! Booking flights during low cost periods, skipping checked luggage, or traveling by bus or train instead can save serious money. Your visit also doesn’t have to be a week-long enterprise, either. Just a day or two is enough to make your parent(s) feel loved and cared for.

At Advocare, our top priority is always you and your family. If we can help to make the holidays easier with aging life care in Miami, we’re here for you. Contact us today for more information.