For most seniors, home is a safe haven that means comfort and security. When your loved one isn’t interested in leaving their home anymore, they may be too embarrassed to tell you that they are just unable to. Once seniors reach a certain age and experience health related issues, they may be tired and not able to leave the house as often. And it’s very likely that they may require additional assistance with medication, dressing, bathing, cooking and errands or transportation to doctor’s appointments. While there is no shortage of assisted living facilities and nursing homes in South Florida, most seniors would prefer to stay in their home if at all possible. At Advocare, our experienced team of aging life care professionals in South Florida are here to coordinate your loved one’s transition to a certified, pre-screened caregiver. To help with a smooth transition, every Advocare client is assigned one of our patient care coordinators to help you with the entire home living care process. 

What Kind of Caregiver Will Suit My Aging Parent?  

Our screening process is extensive and we have a wide range of health care agencies and services that we use. This assures that you get the very best certified practitioners for your time and money. We don’t ever play with your loved one’s safety or health for that matter–background checks are always performed; all necessary credentials are checked and just to be safe–double checked. We strive to provide your parent with the very best in-home care services and our services are unmatched in the industry. To start the process, one of our aging life care team will visit your loved one’s home in South Florida and will then take a full medical history. We work alongside the family to determine the best possible caregiver match for your parent or loved one. How involved you are in the caregiver screening process is up to you. But most of our patients have very involved family members as we feel this is the best scenario for both the client and you.  At Advocare, our aging life care professionals and patient coordinators have one goal in mind–to take the worry and stress out of the entire process for you from interviewing to screening to hiring and everything in between.  

How Can I Be Sure I’ll Get the Help I Need for My Aging Parent?  

Do you feel guilty because you think you should have more time for your parent or you feel you need to take better care of him or her? Well, you’re not alone in feeling this way. But it’s nothing to be ashamed of! Life can be stressful and caring for a loved one is, let’s face it, can be a stressful situation and sometimes is just best left to an experienced caregiver. So, maybe it’s’ time to recognize that you but don’t have the time or resources to do help the way that you would like to. That’s why Advocare was created. To help taken some of the burden off family members. With us you get a team of compassionate aging life care professional that are highly trained to provide for every aspect of your loved one’s daily routine from medication, cooking and hygiene services to companionship and in-home care. If you’re looking for help for your elderly parents, it’s time to speak with one of our aging life care professionals in South Florida today. Call now for a free, 30—minute phone consultation at (561) 266-3489 or visit our website at to get started.