together seniors When families are providing dementia care, it can be really easy to talk for them or to talk about them without thought to their feelings. Even though they may be in a state of confusion, it is important that we strive to be respectful and to include them as much as possible in conversation, especially when it is directly about them. The following article is a great example of how we should treat our loved ones with dementia, and to take control of situations where we may feel they are being disrespected. Thanks for visiting Advocare of South Florida. We provide care management to area seniors throughout the area, providing advocacy and oversight for their overall health and wellbeing.

Dementia Care I HEARD THAT

Have you ever been in a room where people are talking about you right in front of you as though you aren’t there, saying things like, “we all know she won’t do that”, and then they keep on talking.

You usually respond defensively and stand up for yourself. You jump into the conversation and say, “Hey, I’m right here”.

However, persons with dementia or Alzheimer’s Disease rarely speak up for themselves.

Can you imagine just sitting there and taking it, or worse understanding only parts of what is said?

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